Dynamic Signal Launches “Divisions” Feature to Scale Employee Advocacy for the Enterprise


Seven years ago, Social Media was something that had clear ownership within an organization. It normally sat within the corporate Marketing function, exclusively owned by a social media specialist. This is no longer the case.

Social Media is now an important communication channel for every department. While this is great news for companies looking for new and efficient ways to engage with their customers, it has also presented complicated technology challenges for large global enterprises. And those challenges have only been amplified as companies seek to expand globally, where there are more languages, more business rules and more platforms to think about.

  • How can someone in Corporate PR make sure that an employee in China has the correct logo and an appropriate press release to share?
  • How can you help sales people in EMEA whose prospects have unique content needs?
  • How can corporate Marketing delegate content responsibilities to a manager in EMEA while also maintaining some control?

This has become a significant challenge for our customers, which is why we are THRILLED to announce our new Divisions feature. After running hundreds of these programs, we learned that a breakdown begins to occur after a program either exceeds 500 employees or tries to support multiple use cases, unless your program is able to support multiple divisions and segments.


Divisions allows our customers to mirror their complex organizational structures within their employee advocacy platform. The feature helps companies separate regions, departments, sub-brands, or any other organizational structure while also maintaining centrally defined business rules and governance. It enables organizations to assign specific managers to specific responsibilities such as sourcing and distributing content, managing members, establishing business rules and accessing reporting.

Additionally, Divisions enables “permissions” so that a manager accesses only the members, content and reporting for his or her own organizational unit. This allows for more localized control while still maintaining proper corporate governance.

So whether you are a global CMO, a Social Media manager in Japan, a VP of sales for Europe or an HR recruiter in the US, Divisions contains a solution for you.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo of our new Divisions feature please contact us today as we’d love to show it to you.

Post Author

Alex Cramer

Vice President, Business Development at Dynamic Signal