Expert Practitioners Talk Employee Advocacy at Dreamforce


Employee Advocacy took center stage yesterday at Dreamforce during a session about social media with three experts in advocacy. The panel Empowering Your Employees to Safely Market Your Company touched on some key points including the metrics behind a company-wide social sharing program and how those impact the bottom line as well as how a brand can be transformed by an employee advocacy program.

As a company using Salesforce along with our employee advocacy platform from Dynamic Signal, the impact of social media can be seen through pieces of content shared by employees. Dave Thomas, Senior Director of Content and Engagement at Salesforce, commented that…

“Using the Dynamic Signal platform as well as using Salesforce to track leads, we’re able to show the impact of a piece of content shared through our employees on multiple social channels.”

When comparing a single piece of content shared through two channels the impact was significant. An engagement increase of nearly 780% was observed when employees shared a piece of content versus the company sharing it from their LinkedIn company page.

Looking at employee advocacy from a different angle was Jeff Stevenson, Manager of Social Selling and Sales Communication at ADP. Their company had already recognized the value of engaging their employees to be advocates. They had been using internal spreadsheets as a tool to inform their teams of company-approved content to share on social to drive brand awareness and leads. Not only was this solution not mobile friendly but it also required nearly a dozen steps for a sales person to complete before sharing content. By implementing the Dynamic Signal and making the system mobile-friendly with only a three step process, the content was shared faster and it was more current when it was posted. Jeff added that “it’s also scalable because with a tool like this we can actually tell our sales people to submit content they like and the company can approve it and everyone in the company can share it.” He went on to explain that by sharing company or industry content, employees become more valuable.

“Our employees are actually offering content that is very relevant and helpful to their network and that reputation is brought back to the brand which is something the brand could never do on its own.”


As the panel was wrapping up, one single trend was observed across all three experts. With the ability to share company content on social media comes a heightened level of fear among employees. They are constantly concerned about being fired or sending out content that’s not approved by their PR department. Dave Thomas found that at Salesforce

“It was really a journey to get people feeling ok with sharing any kind of information out because once they hit “post” they were scared of being fired. Having a tool that allows employees to share content that has already been approved by their company and knowing that their company wants them to share it, it removes a lot of barriers.”


By sharing online and becoming an expert through social media, employees will improve their personal brand, become more relevant, and sell more effectively. If you’re looking to roll out an employee advocacy program, the playbook below was highlighted by both Dave and Jeff, as they both kept these guidelines in mind when launching and scaling their programs.


Dreamforce 2014 was an incredible event from start to finish. It was incredible to see so many thought leaders and practitioners in one place, all there to teach and learn. As employee advocacy continues to mature I’m confident the topic will reveal itself again next year, and for many years to come.

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