Dynamic Signal Announces Adobe Marketing Cloud Integration, Providing Start to Finish Tracking Capabilities


One of the biggest challenges within digital marketing, especially as it pertains to social media and advocacy, is the ability to properly and efficiently track outcomes from start to finish. Even with the best of analytics software it can still be difficult to see the big picture if your tools are not properly integrated. We’re excited to announce another breakthrough for our clients, as our new integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud now allows full visibility into every piece of content shared by your advocates.

This means your advocacy programs can now be tied directly to an ROI metric. That could be anything from product sales, to event registrations, or form completes. Whatever the end game is for you, it can now be easy reflected and measured within your VoiceStorm and Adobe dashboards. As your advocates and customers promote your brand, their impact is measured and the results are clearly identified.

After setting up the integration with Adobe Analytics, you’ll see the following benefits right away:

  • Tracking code generation has been completely automated for any content shared through VoiceStorm. All you need to do is post the content, VoiceStorm takes care of the rest, and you can view the results in Adobe Analytics, simplifying your workflow significantly.
  • All of the content dimensions in VoiceStorm sync daily, eliminating the need to combine reports. You can even create custom segments based on these dimensions, so you can track all traffic driven by specific VoiceStorm communities.
  • Traffic and Conversion reports tie into the content, authors, and sharers, so you can get a complete picture of the members driving the most traffic, and to which piece of content.


Combined with our other enterprise integrations (native iOS and Android mobile apps, Salesforce1, PaperShare, Bitly, etc.), Dynamic Signal empowers brands to connect the dots and discover new insights, and prove the ROI on their advocacy programs. We’re already seeing tremendous success with our Fortune 500 clients as well as our mid-market customers.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud integration is available immediately, contact us for more information on how to set this up for use with your VoiceStorm community.  View the full press release. 

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G.I. Sanders

G.I. Sanders is Senior Director, Creative Services at Dynamic Signal. He specializes in entrepreneurship, digital and social media, design, and marketing. G.I. is based in Dallas, TX with his wife and two sons. Passions include technology, startups, music, fitness and sports.