New eBook: 5 Steps to Launching an Employee Advocacy Program


We are excited to launch our latest eBook, 5 Steps to Launching an Employee Advocacy Program. In it, we explore the necessary steps today’s digital marketers should be mindful of when strategizing an employee advocacy program for their company. Through our hands on experience launching numerous employee based programs for brands like Salesforce, IBM, Hitachi Data Systems and others we’ve learned a lot, and are happy to share it with you. There is certainly no cookie cutter approach, but these steps represent a basic framework that should lay the groundwork for most programs, big or small.

This new eBook is a free download, and makes a great companion and follow up piece to our Intro to Employee Advocacy eBook.


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G.I. Sanders

G.I. Sanders is Senior Director, Creative Services at Dynamic Signal. He specializes in entrepreneurship, digital and social media, design, and marketing. G.I. is based in Dallas, TX with his wife and two sons. Passions include technology, startups, music, fitness and sports.