Dynamic Signal’s Top Four Client Social Media Victories of 2014


The holidays are a time when you gather the ones you care most about, give them gifts, and remind them how much they mean to you. We like to do the same thing at Dynamic Signal, and this holiday season, we’d like to give kudos, in no particular order, to four amazing successes that our clients have achieved in social media this year.


1. UC Berkeley “Big Give”

In the spirit of giving, let’s start with UC Berkeley, and the Haas School of Business’ “Big Give” campaign. It’s hard to get people to give freely these days, and schools have as hard a time as any encouraging their fans and alumni to give. Any giving campaign needs a hook, transforming it from a campaign into a social movement. Berkeley transformed theirs into The #CalBigGive; their first 24-hour, campus-wide online fundraiser, and it achieved massive success.

Campus-wide, Berkeley pulled in a whopping $5.3 million in donations.

Haas alone raised $561,000 from just 651 donors. It was a record breaking event that reached far and wide.


2. IBM’s #NewWayToWork Campaign
Next we have IBM, who was looking for a way to draw attention to their new social collaboration software “IBM Verse.” When you try to tell someone that you’re going to reinvent email, you’ll have a hard time keeping their attention. By coordinating their employees into action, they were able to get their hashtag, #NewWayToWork, trending on Twitter, attracting massive amounts of attention and interest.  During the week of the launch, IBM’s employees used the hashtag and generated 23 million social impressions which delivered 65 thousand clicks back to their Verse web and social content.


3. Hitachi Data Systems ‘Follow the Sun’ Campaign
In a similar industry to IBM, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) had a similar challenge, rising above the noise to gather attention around their product launch. They learned that it’s more about coordination and execution than sheer numbers when it comes to dominating a media cycle.

“We were never the share of voice — ever. We started trending in #cloud, #virtualization, #cloudinfrastructure, and we started taking over in share of voice.” – Sharon Crost, Sr. Manager Social Business at HDS

Sure enough, they were able to own the social media cycle for 24 hours with their “Follow the Sun” campaign, where they focused on specific regions of the world, moving as the sun moves, from Tokyo to Mountain View, CA. By the end of the day, HDS’ share of voice was larger than that of all three major competitors combined.


4. Intuit’s #QBConnect
You don’t have to have major goals to see massive results, as Intuit learned this year. With the right people and a strong incentive, you can do amazing things. Intuit offered an incentive to their brand advocates using the #QBConnect hashtag to promote their conference QuickBooks Connect. Over the course of one month, they generated a significant number of shares and impressions to help drive event attendance for Quickbooks Connect 2014.


It’s the perfect time of year to look back on these outstanding victories and how we were able to help these customers achieve a new level of success.  We look forward to seeing more incredible achievements like this in the coming year as we work with even more talented teams. So from our family to yours, Happy Tweeting, and best wishes for an advocacy-filled 2015!

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Rob Stevens

Rob leads the support and training efforts to help our mid-market clients grow their employee advocacy programs. Rob brings more than 20 years of marketing and customer support experience to our clients, giving them an unbeatable edge in their social media marketing efforts.