The Next Evolution of Employee Advocacy

The Next Evolution of Employee Advocacy


More Authentic and More Personalized
Dynamic Signal created the Employee Advocacy category and is now taking it to the next level by introducing our next generation of the platform. This new version is a game-changer, giving customers a more authentic experience by personalizing and targeting content, as well as making it easier to run an employee advocacy program through automation. As the industry matures and technology platforms advance, the result is that employee advocacy becomes accessible to companies of all sizes, not just the largest and most resourced.

Today, most employee advocacy programs have one-to-many broadcasts. The value of employee advocacy is that employees add a personal, human voice. However, behind the scenes, content is mass-produced, one size fits all – less authentic than it could be.

2015 Marketing Trend: Employee Advocacy Goes Mainstream
Digital strategy and social media marketing trends will become more personalized and targeted in 2015, specifically by treating customers as individuals. So why aren’t we thinking about the employee – the internal customer for marketing – in the same way?

Digital marketing is on the rise and employee advocacy is set to go mainstream in 2015. This is partly thanks to companies becoming more open with their social media policies and encouraging employees to share company messages. That’s great, but what if you’re not a big company with the resources to manage employee advocacy? Or what if you’re struggling to scale a manual employee advocacy program that’s using no technology?
A Fundamentally Different Approach
What if you could harness the power of your employees – raising brand awareness by 14X through your employees’ social networks – by being more authentic and using virtually no additional resources? What if you could share the right content, to the right individual, at the right time? Now you can with the new version of the VoiceStorm platform, available today.

Getting Personal
One leap in this new direction is the evolution from one-to-many to one-to-few in the way of divisions or groups with similar content interests. Now, you can actually curate and target content to the individual. This is a game changing evolution of employee advocacy.


Big Data for Employee Advocacy
As marketers, we’re all encouraged to know our customers. The same should be true for knowing your employees. Know their content preferences; know their active social media times. Better still, let the new machine learning technology capture those behavioral trends and intuitively recommend content at the right time, based on what that person really wants. Analyze large amounts of shared data, learn and recommend the content that your employees’ peers (with similar interests) are sharing, as well as high performing content. This is truly strategic content targeting.

Taking Out The Work
New advances in automation are making employee advocacy more accessible to companies of all sizes, including smaller companies that may not have the resources. By intelligently curating and delivering content, this new version is a huge time saver for program owners. Massive amounts of broad content manually cut and pasted today, can now be quickly analyzed, recommended and loaded into a content hub. It’s still approved by marketing, still compliant with your security and integrates with existing systems. The difference is that the burden is taken off of an administrator to manually input the content. Instead, the administrator can focus on being more productive overseeing and approving very high impact content and announcements, and still distribute those to everyone as part of a bigger strategy.

At Last, Proactive Marketing
The ‘always on’ nature of today’s marketing makes it hard to limit social marketing to 9-5. If the UK has a launch, some poor soul has to get up at 2am in the US to push out critical content. The long-awaited ability to prepare and schedule content, messaging and activities, is here.

So yeah, we’re “turning it up to 11” with the latest release of VoiceStorm. We listened to our customers and heard you. Make 2015 the year of your employee advocacy program. Personalized and authentic, yet designed so you can effortlessly scale if you’re a large company. But employee advocacy is no longer just for the biggest, most resourced companies. The new platform opens employee advocacy up to companies of all sizes.

Want to see it in action? Get started today by requesting a DEMO of VoiceStorm for your company.

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