Large or Small, The Best Advocacy for Any Company is Employee Advocacy

Large or Small, The Best Advocacy for Any Company is Employee Advocacy


Every year, we see social media play an increasingly vital role in our customers’ marketing strategies. No other medium allows companies to get the word out about new product offerings as immediately or in as targeted a manner as social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more provide organizations with an abundance of opportunities to reach and interact with their target audiences in new and interesting ways. There’s no denying it – social media marketing is here to stay.

As companies rush to refine their social media strategy, we’re also seeing greater efforts to empower employees to become social media brand advocates on behalf of their employers. However, while having employee advocates is one thing (all companies have them), amplifying their voice through a well-oiled machine is a different story.

Large enterprises successfully employ teams dedicated to organizing employee advocacy programs – where employees promote company news across the web – to give that authentic voice consumers want to hear. Unfortunately, small to medium sized businesses don’t always have that luxury, constrained by limited time and staffing resources.

However, regardless of your company size, all companies have a distinctive resource they can easily deploy today: a core of employees that are engaged and proud of their work. After all, invested employees know the benefits and usefulness of their companies’ products better than anyone else and have the most to gain in their companies’ successes. Tapping into the personal drive of employees can empower organizations to reach new audiences, through a chorus of authentic and engaged employee voices.

By combining social amplification and motivated employees, businesses of all sizes can increase their edge in a noisy and crowded marketplace. But managers shouldn’t have to go desk-to-desk asking for help to claim that edge. Marketing managers can have the power to give their excited and proud cohorts the opportunity to advocate and share their company’s successes with ease.

The employee advocacy gap is a problem we’re working to solve. And, I’m happy to say, I think we’re onto something. Stay tuned to the blog for an update on some exciting things we’ve been working on here at Dynamic Signal.

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An Le

An Le is the GM of Mid-Market at Dynamic Signal. Formerly the VP of BD at Yammer and Director of BD at New Relic, she has a history of successfully building fast growing start ups by helping to bring products people love to market.