Announcing VoiceStorm PRO, Employee Advocacy for the Mid-Market

Announcing VoiceStorm PRO, Employee Advocacy for the Mid-Market


Last week, we talked about what we refer to here at Dynamic Signal as the ’employee advocacy gap’ within the mid-market. Marketers today have an increased pressure to drive brand awareness, increase website traffic, manage engagement on various digital channels, and of course – drive revenue. All of this can be daunting, but what happens when all of this falls on you, a one-man-marketing-show with a limited budget? This is where an Employee Advocacy program comes in.

We’ve often found that employees of small to mid-sized companies are proud of where they work, which is the perfect ingredient for a successful Employee Advocacy program. We strongly believe that limited resources should not put out the fire of passionate employees who love where they work.

This is why I’m excited to announce that Dynamic Signal is expanding its platform to cater specifically to the mid-market. Introducing VoiceStorm PRO, an employee advocacy solution for every company of any size. To celebrate, we’re offering a free 14-day trial, and there is absolutely no reason not to try it out – there’s no cost to you and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes.

“Our social media strategy aligns with our overall marketing strategy of positioning content based on distinct personas. We used Dynamic Signal to drive more employee engagement for a marketing campaign and it resulted in a 9.6% conversation rate, which is crazy good. Social is part of the Domo culture.” ~ Julie Kehoe, Vice President of Communications at Domo

What to look forward to:

  • Data, data and more data. VoiceStorm PRO offers the ability to track every single share down to the last impression and click.
  • Curate company approved content and push it out to the right set of people at the right time. The days of sending the same tweet via email to every employee in order to promote a press release are over (at least they should be).
  • This new self service offering starts at just $10 per user! (with a minimum of 20 users)

Excited yet? Sign up now and give your brand’s champions the tools they need to amplify their authentic voice.

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An Le

An Le is the GM of Mid-Market at Dynamic Signal. Formerly the VP of BD at Yammer and Director of BD at New Relic, she has a history of successfully building fast growing start ups by helping to bring products people love to market.