Let’s celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day


You may not have heard of Bob Nelson, but in 1995 he came up with a brilliant idea. He created National Employee Appreciation Day. It occurs on the first Friday of March which is…today.

So go ahead and tell the people who work for you that they’re appreciated.

Even better, give them something they really want. We’re not talking about more free snacks and coffee. We’re talking about opportunity to build their personal brands on social media.

It’s called Employee Advocacy, which allows employees to share company-approved content with their social networks. They get to add a personal touch to the content, so it resonates more than if it came from an official company channel.

The great thing – the part your employees will love – is that they have a fun, effective and really easy way to enhance their personal brands. It’s completely safe, too, since the content is approved before they share it.

Lots of our customers are running successful Employee Advocacy programs. For example, there’s IBM with #NewWayToWork, and “CapitalOne is a great place to work.”

But Employee Advocacy isn’t only for large enterprises. Companies of all sizes see an increase in brand awareness, employee engagement and revenue when they let employees freely talk on social media.

Speaking of free, you can try Dynamic Signal with our free 14-day trial for mid-market companies. It’s a nice way to try the platform and see how it’s so easy to use.

Also, check out why SurveyMonkey and TubeMogul use Dynamic Signal to run their Employee Advocacy programs.

Okay, get back to the celebration.

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G.I. Sanders

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