Employee Advocacy on Your Wrist: Dynamic Signal for the Apple Watch


The tech world was buzzing with the announcement yesterday about the Apple Watch. Once again, we’ll see a change in the way people communicate and interact with content.

And we’re proud to say that we’ll be a part of that shift. That’s right – VoiceStorm, our Employee Advocacy platform, will be available on the Apple Watch.

Pundits predict the Apple Watch will be the ultimate in convenience. People will be able to use apps that take only 10 seconds to interact with. For example, checking time, looking at your schedule, updating the parking meter. The Apple Watch will be an extension of your personal life just as social media is today. It is likely that consumers will use it to check Twitter notifications, and even to write those 150 character messages.

Now your employees will be able to get company-approved content notifications pushed to their Apple Watches, and with a couple of touches on the wrist they’ll be able to instantly share it with their social contacts. It’s another way how we’re making it easier for employees to be company advocates.


90% of our customers already use VoiceStorm on their mobile devices. Wearable devices will give them a new level of convenience, whether they’re employees or administrators. In fact, wearables will be increasingly used to connect to social media, which fits with our overall approach. The VoiceStorm app for Apple Watch will allow employees to easily advocate for their businesses and brands, wherever they go, at any time. They’ll be able to create or share content while waiting for coffee or walking home after work.

It’s interesting how technology replaces itself. Not too long ago, some people stopped wearing watches because, well, they now had a phone that included a watch. The question is, will the Apple Watch replace the smart phone?

At this point it’s impossible to forecast adoption of the Apple Watch. What we do know, however, is that whatever device comes along, Dynamic Signal will be part of it.

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Russ Fradin

Russ Fradin is the co-founder of Dynamic Signal and a digital media industry veteran with more than 15 years' experience in the online marketing world. Russ co-founded and was CEO of Adify (acquired by Cox for $300 million in May 2008) and co-founded SocialShield. He was also SVP of BD at Wine.com, EVP of Corporate Development at comScore (NASDAQ:SCOR) and was among the first employees at Flycast (acquired by CMGi for $2.3 billion in January 2000). Russ is also an active angel investor in the digital world and is on a number of boards. Russ holds a BS in Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.