Webinar How Retailers are Tapping Into Social Advocacy

Upcoming Webinar: How Retailers are Tapping into Social Advocacy to Drive Revenue and Loyalty


Join us on Thursday, March 26th at 9AM PT to learn how leading retail companies are engaging both employees and customers to connect with new audiences to help drive in-store traffic, promotions, and ultimately brand loyalty. Through increased brand awareness and social advocacy both O2 Telefónica and Rubio’s are creating more authentic and direct relationships with their customers, building communities and connecting their social and physical locations.

Retailers no longer compete with just their direct competitors but with other categories fighting for the same dollar. They must humanize their brand and create one-to-one relationships. However, personalization is tougher than ever. Brands are global and consumer attention is fractured.

One way retailers are overcoming many of these problems is by informing and empowering their brand ambassadors.


  • The current state of the retail landscape, and the different challenges retailers face
  • How to ensure every advocate is sharing approved content and on-brand messaging
  • What to expect from an advocate community once you’ve created it
  • Best practices to ensure maximum engagement and participation

Kristian Lorenzon, Head of Social Media, O2 Telefónica UK
Brandi Scaramella, Social Media Specialist, Rubio’s Restaurants
Wynne Brown, Senior Director, Retail Vertical at Dynamic Signal


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