Upcoming Tweet Chat: Social Advocacy, the Answer to Guerilla Social Marketing

Upcoming Tweet Chat: Social Advocacy, the Answer to Guerilla Social Marketing


We’re excited to announce we’ll be hosting a tweet chat on Tuesday, March 24th at 3PM PT with special guests Christina Sponselli, Social Media Director at UC Berkeley, and Andrew Eklund, CEO at Ciceron.

The conversation will center around advocacy, as the answer to guerilla social marketing…a topic both of our guests are passionate about.

Christina, UC Berkeley’s social media manager, is an expert in advocacy strategies as well. She is currently hands on with the Cal Alumni Ambassador program, which she manages with VoiceStorm, Dynamic Signal’s leading platform for advocacy marketing. For over nearly 15 years Christina has managed their alumni network, and in recent years spearheaded their social media efforts, which now includes their unique ambassador program.

Andrew, an experienced marketer who founded the Ciceron agency nearly 20 years ago, has worked with countless brands to establish effective advocacy strategies. Check out this great video where he discusses their approach, the challenges brands face, and the incredible benefits that come from a successful advocacy program. We’re excited to be discussing this topic with him, as we work hand in hand with his team on a number of programs that are seeing great success in the advocacy space.

To participate in the chat, simply search for the #DySiChat on Twitter on Tuesday, March 24th at 3PM PT. We’ll be chatting with both Andrew and Christina, asking questions about their experience and knowledge on advocacy marketing.


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