SurveyMonkey Empowers Employees as New Social Media Strategy

SurveyMonkey Empowers Employees as New Social Media Strategy


We have a lot of amazing clients, many of them innovating and creating new industries from the ground up. SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading online survey platform, is doing just that, and they are involving all of their employees to tell their story along the way.

In this exclusive interview with Kayte Korwitts, Social Media Manager at SurveyMonkey, she discusses their approach to Employee Advocacy and how it has become an essential part of their social media strategy.

“Our employees are a passionate group who really love what they do. Colleagues tell me that Dynamic Signal has helped them feel like they are in the know.”

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Kayte’s passion for what she does is evident, and it’s exciting that their entire employee base is getting to share that sentiment externally through VoiceStorm. SurveyMonkey employees are now more informed, socially active, and driving brand awareness and engagement. They have made a concerted effort to implement their program as a part of their culture, tying it in to their on-boarding process so every new employee understands the goal.

“During our employee on-boarding we get everyone set up with Dynamic Signal accounts so they can start sharing company content right away.”

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Ramon is Director of Sales at Dynamic Signal. He helps companies and brands of all sizes connect with their employees through employee advocacy. He has ten years’ experience providing corporate communication solutions for large companies and was previously at Bowne/RR Donnelley.