Retail Employees as Marketers, a New Social Media Strategy

Retail Employees as Marketers, a New Social Media Strategy


If you’re reading this during business hours, there’s someone (maybe in accounting or sales) sitting at their desk in the office. There’s an in-store employee waiting for customers to walk in the door. What if rather than only doing their jobs, they could attract customers at the same time?

The answer is, they can. Big time.

They just need the right tool, and today that tool is called Employee Advocacy. It’s a way for employees to receive and post company-approved content to their social networks. Content can include offers, coupons, news, video that promotes company values, notifications about events and more.

Why would you want to do that?

First is this: according to Nielsen, trust is the #1 factor in any buying decision, with conversions increasing by 90% when someone trusted suggests a product. These days, consumers listen more to their social connections (those they trust) than to official marketing campaigns. They get real value from the content, boosting the chances of it being appreciated, clicked, viewed and shared.

And when you consider that employee social networks, combined, include 10x more contacts than what’s in the company’s database, you have 10x more consumers willing to consider the message and open their wallets.

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Now imagine having hundreds, perhaps thousands of employees promoting the company day and night.


Employee Advocacy also works because it’s an obvious, natural extension of your social media strategy. We’re on social media all the time, so we’re more likely to be exposed to our connections in retail than a specific store’s promotions. An Employee Advocacy Program aligns perfectly with that behavior.

Your Employee Advocacy program won’t just turn idle workers into brand advocates. You’ll give employees something they want. Many employees are proud about the company, and have genuine enthusiasm for its offerings. They just need a safe and easy outlet to share their excitement.

Now you can revolutionize the employer-employee relationship by giving workers the green light to share their passion for the company. At the same time, you help to bring loyalty back into the business, along with the revenue and market share that comes with repeat shoppers.

[bctt tweet=”#EmployeeAdvocacy is the evolution of social marketing.”]And think about it: next time you believe an employee is wasting time surfing the web, she might actually be bringing in business.

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