Humana Taps Employees as Story Tellers for Brand Leadership

Humana Taps Employees as Story Tellers for Brand Leadership


It’s always exciting to watch a client’s program evolve from the initial idea all the way to the launch phase. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Humana, a health insurance provider with over 50,000 employees and millions of customers, as they rolled out their Employee Advocacy program.

Jeff Ross, Jason Spencer, and their team, have done a phenomenal job positioning their new program for success. We were excited to see them detail their efforts in this blog, which provides a wealth of great information for those looking to launch their own program.

Humana Program Challenges & Goals:

  • Get the attention of our consumers to hear our brand story: “wanting people to be healthier and to live a lifestyle focused on well-being”
  • Build trust with our consumers in order to be given the chance to have a conversation
  • Share stories on health and well-being with some company news and updates
  • Empower and enable our employees to tell our story as a brand
  • Work within FDA regulations which prohibit “selling product” via social media

How Humana Got Started:

  • Selected a solution to be able to scale and grow with Humana’s program
  • Gave advocates the ability, via mobile, to choose what social networks they would share to and when to share, as well as giving them the ability to personalize the text they were posting
  • Chose a small group of employee influencers who were excited about working for Humana and wanted to start sharing contentEmployees were chosen based on how active they were on both external social media and on their internal enterprise social network
  • All advocates were required to attend a 1-hour training session to understand Humana’s social media policy and to improve the employees’ social media skillset

I encourage you to read their blog in full, especially if you are on the fence about Employee Advocacy and how you can work within regulations. By looking at their initial results there is little doubt they are on the right track to transforming Humana into a digital business, with their employees at the center of those efforts.

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Humana Taps Employees as Story Tellers for their Brand

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