Employee Advocacy Surges to the Lead

Employee Advocacy Surges to the Lead


We now declare employee advocacy the winner! …And there’s new upcoming research data to prove it. Last week’s webinar shared this research and it was so popular we’re doing it again for you. Sign up for the AMA’s July 28th webinar on “Leveraging Employees through Social Media with Charlene Li”.

See why Employee Advocacy raced into the number 2 spot for social strategies in the 2015 Altimeter Analyst Group survey – just a few paces behind “develop ongoing dialog and engagement with customers to deepen relationships”. But wait, isn’t developing dialog, engagement and relationships just what Employee Advocacy does? It is!

But, what is surprising about Altimeter’s findings is just how quickly employee advocacy programs are galloping to the finish line – up over 25% in just two years. Right now 77% of companies that have a social business program are either already expanding their advocacy programs, or are in the process of planning. While more companies are entering the employee advocacy race to find new ways to ignite revenue, employee engagement and brand awareness, leading companies are betting on advocacy programs.

Noting that peer to peer is one of the most trusted and influential communications avenues – especially if the peers are employees – employee advocates, through the use of social media, have proven that they have a direct impact on generating employee engagement, customer trust and deepening relationships. Numerous surveys over the past couple of years back that up with proof that employees hold the key to social influence. So, how do you get your employees engaged: Listen to our webinar – then make it simple, make it safe but fun and make it worth the employees’ time and they will come.

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Join the Employee Advocacy race with Dynamic Signal’s platform, which redefines how companies communicate with the world. The easy-to-use platform allows employees to receive and post company-approved content on social media – turning them into experts, advocates and contributors.

Sign up for our webinar “Leveraging Employees through Social Media with Charlene Li”, to hear from myself and Charlene Li, thought leader and founder of Altimeter Group. We’ll discuss social business, employee advocacy, challenges, adoption, maturity, best practices, and real-world cases including IBM. Pitney Bowes, SAP and O2.


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