Forrester Supports Best of Breed Solutions for Social Marketing

Forrester Supports Best in Class Solutions for Social Marketing


Today’s digital marketer has a number of products available to them in any given category (e.g. CRM, automation, publishing, listening, employee advocacy, etc.) so on the surface the all-in-one “Social Marketing Suite” seems like a logical solution, but a recent Forrester survey states otherwise.

“Social suites like Sprinklr are not living up to social marketers’ integration expectations. Only 64% of surveyed social suite clients agree that the tools they’re using live up to the promises these vendors have made.” (Source: Forrester)

Forrester’s research says marketers who have chosen point solutions are much more satisfied. 92% agreed that feature and functionality promises were met after the purchase. That’s an impressive number that really speaks towards the quality of product and service that is being delivered.

While it may seem more convenient to lean on an all-in-one suite of tools, the value driven from stand-alone solutions that integrate well with other existing systems can often be much greater.

When it comes to the area of social media, the key word that must follow is “strategy.” Marketers must know what their social strategy is and most importantly what outcomes to strive for.

According to Altimeter’s 2015 State of Social Business “Only 36% believe they have in place a multi-year digital strategy that includes social initiatives.”

Often starting with known specific use cases and selecting a point solution that integrates with your existing marketing solutions is a smart choice.

“There’s no benefit to buying one social tool that can do everything,” says Nate Elliott, Vice President and Principal Analyst in new research at Forrester.

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We tend to agree, and thus have chosen to build a product that is best in class, delivering maximum value for specific use cases, and integrating with other best in class solutions. Having a clear focus on Employee Advocacy enables us to develop a platform that is really solving our customer’s needs. This dedicated, integrated platform approach and experience is proving Forrester’s research to be 100% true.

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