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#EAmonthly: Show Me The Content


One of the questions that always comes up when discussing the “how to” aspect of Employee Advocacy is in regards to content. Of course you have to determine where and when, but even more important is defining the types of content that will speak to your employees (and potentially their audiences).

Every program differs, as do an employee’s preferences and tastes. It is critical to experiment with different types and topics in order to learn what your employees will respond to. With VoiceStorm, it is easy to determine what is working, and what is not. Our in depth tracking capabilities put every program manager just a few clicks away from fine tuning their strategy based on what is resonating with their co-workers.

In this new monthly series we will aim to highlight some real world examples of great content that is being shared by actual employee advocates, on behalf of their companies.

Campaign Driven Content

In this first example Cathay Pacific’s Dennis Owen shares a branded article about a new partnership the company has with CNN. Their current campaign, #Lifewelltravelled, is tied in with the hashtag, and the tweet features an inspiring visual from the article. This is a great representation of branded, campaign oriented content that directly relates to the day-to-day work of the employees. Not only is it a great piece of content to share externally, but by distributing it internally through their Employee Advocacy platform it is informing employees about the partnership itself. Especially important in this case, because there is likely more content to come as a result of the The Trip That Changed My Life series.

Cathay Pacific teams up with CNN for brand content series

In a similar vein, Stephanie Quiroz, as a member of Humana’s program, shared a campaign oriented post. But, this time the content itself was not promotional for the brand. More of a lifestyle piece, it ties back to Humana’s values and mission of helping their communities be 20% healthier by 2020. it also incorporated a campaign hashtag and she even mentioned her department directly, which was a nice personal touch.

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Relevant/Timely Content
One of the best ways to elicit a response on social media is to inject your point of view, or in this case your content, within a highly relevant or timely conversation. Deloitte executed this perfectly when they opted to tweak their official company logo in support of marriage equality. Erin Marie, a visibly proud Deloitte employee, shared her own support of the initiative, which tied in the trending hashtag alongside the graphic.

Deloitte supports marriage equality

Company Content (with Leadership leading by example)
In this final example we wanted to draw attention not just to the content itself, but also the person who is actually sharing it. Mindjet’s CEO, Scott Raskin, is not only talking the talk, he’s walking the walk as well. I can’t stress enough how impactful the involvement of executives can be for your overall Employee Advocacy strategy. When employees see their leaders legitimately committed and involved it speaks volumes to the entire workforce. In this case he shared a company blog from one of his own employees, Harvey Wade, undoubtedly a great form of recognition and public support for his team.

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Have you noticed any great content being shared by employee advocates on social media? Feel free to contact me directly if so, as I’d love to feature it in an upcoming blog. Until next month…

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