Dynamic Signal – Helping the Conservatives Empower Supporters to Deliver Victory

Dynamic Signal – Helping the Conservatives Empower Supporters to Deliver Victory


Conservatives use Dynamic Signal to empower supporters as part of their acclaimed digital operation in the 2015 General Election

The 2015 General Election was widely seen as one of the closest contests in UK political history. To secure victory over the opposition Labour Party, the Conservatives would need to reach out to voters across the UK to show how their plan was securing a better future for Britain.

The Conservatives knew their own supporters would be key to achieving this – but they needed to find a way to excite and inspire those supporters to take regular action online.

That’s where Dynamic Signal came in. By integrating the Conservatives.com website with the VoiceStorm platform, the Conservatives were not just able to make it easy for users to share campaign graphics, videos and blogs on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but also ‘gamify’ the process – awarding supporters points every time they shared content and when their friends viewed or re-shared it.

“We were looking for a way to reward our supporters for doing what they do best – campaigning and taking our message to voters across the country. Dynamic Signal was the ideal way to do just that, and integrating it with our website meant the process was seamless,” said Craig Elder, the Conservatives’ Digital Director.

The Conservatives and Dynamic Signal also developed a branded app to enable supporters to share content quickly via smart phones and tablets. They received mobile notifications when new content was published, and with one click could share it with friends on their connected Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Dynamic Signal – helping the Conservatives empower supporters to deliver victory

“We didn’t just want to create an app for the sake of creating an app – it had to be something that empowered our supporters, and contributed to the election effort in a meaningful way. The branded app we created with Dynamic Signal delivered on both fronts,” added Tom Edmonds, the Conservatives’ Creative Director.

By the time the election arrived, Conservative supporters using Dynamic Signal were helping the Party reach an extra 3 million people each week – playing an important part in an election victory that defied the odds. On May 8th, David Cameron had become the first incumbent Prime Minister in 60 years to increase his party’s vote share – and the Conservatives had returned to Parliament as a majority government for the first time since 1992.

“The UK Conservative Party’s use of social media in the 2015 UK General Election was groundbreaking,” said Russ Fradin, CEO, Dynamic Signal. “We’re excited that Dynamic Signal’s platform was used to empower Conservative supporters to show their support and share great content easily across their social communities. I expect social media to continue to play an important role in politics, and this exciting use of our platform gives US parties food for thought ahead of their elections next year.”

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Russ Fradin is the co-founder of Dynamic Signal and a digital media industry veteran with more than 15 years' experience in the online marketing world. Russ co-founded and was CEO of Adify (acquired by Cox for $300 million in May 2008) and co-founded SocialShield. He was also SVP of BD at Wine.com, EVP of Corporate Development at comScore (NASDAQ:SCOR) and was among the first employees at Flycast (acquired by CMGi for $2.3 billion in January 2000). Russ is also an active angel investor in the digital world and is on a number of boards. Russ holds a BS in Economics from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.