The Power of Employee Engagement

The Power of Employee Engagement (Part One)


It is almost impossible to have not heard about the importance of engagement. Whether it be practicing engagement on social media, with clients and customers, or with your employees, engagement is more than a buzzword. Increasing engagement is one of the most potent and powerful shifts any company can employ for achieving the highest level of success in an organization.

Do you know what your engagement strategy is? Do you have an employee engagement strategy? No matter what business unit you lead, it’s imperative you take a look at how you and your organization is supporting, encouraging and fostering engagement with and between your employees. How are you opening the lines of communication? How are you shifting the culture within your own company through the vehicle of engagement to not only increase productivity, strengthen brand loyalty, and decrease attrition?

In the video below I explore these questions and more. Feel free to connect with me directly if you have any questions or comments, because of course I’d love to engage with you.

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Stay tuned for Part Two in this series: Creating Value Through Communication

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