Creating Engaged Employee Advocates

Creating Engaged Employee Advocates (Part Three)


In my last two videos for Dynamic Signal, I talked about The Power of Employee Engagement, as well as, the importance of Creating Value Through Communication. In this video, I share how to tap into an amazing resource by creating Engaged Employee Advocates. Often times an organization can miss an exceptional opportunity to enlist the support of employees to advocate for the organization. We are living in a new economy and this new economy is a sharing economy.

If your employees are actively engaged and communicated with regularly, you have created an enormous opportunity to exponentially increase the number of people amplifying your organization’s message in the marketplace. An additional benefit of engaged and active employees is that they provide a first line of defense against negative comments and bad press. As I share in this video, In one study, 56% of employees shared they had defended their company on an online platform.

Are you tapping into the goldmine that is your own employees? The people in the trenches are often the best to speak-up about their organization. The key is opening up the lines of communication regarding how your employees can best advocate for your organization and give them parameters. What are the expectations regarding an employee’s online communication about the company? What is the organization’s support regarding employees advocating for the organization on a social platform?

It’s critical that employees understand and intimately know the mission and vision of the organization so any and all communication is always reflecting the same mission and vision. Any communication to a customer, whether it be on a social platform, an email or phone call is perceived as a reflection of the brand. It’s imperative that employee advocacy mirror the brand’s image. Engaged employee advocates who understand the organization’s mission, vision, and brand image are an incredibly powerful vehicle for supporting every customer touchpoint from customer service to sales and marketing. How are you encouraging employee advocacy and tapping into this rich, often overlooked, resource? Check out the video below for more information!

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