How To Supercharge Employee Advocacy with Trending Content


Tapping into the pulse of what matters to people and drawing them in requires consistent thoughtfulness and effort. This is especially true when it comes to Employee Advocacy programs.

As recent research from Altimeter Group found:

Employees share because the content is relevant – and to be specific, the employee’s perceived relevance of the content to their work and social networks.

Employees who are “in-the-know” feel empowered to learn, share, and in the process, develop their own social capital, visibility, and credibility.

This is supported by another recent survey by the Hinge Research Institute, which found that one of the biggest benefits of Employee Advocacy is the ability to keep up with industry trends. 76% of participants of those surveyed rank it as the #2 most important factor in their engagement, emphasizing the importance of high quality content in your overall strategy.

Benefits of Employee Advocacy

So, how do you ensure that you are engaging your employees with relevant content that will allow them to be “in-the-know” and keep up with industry trends?

One of the best strategies to achieve this goal is to augment your own company-specific content with trending industry content. Tools like TrendSpottr pick up on trends for any industry topic or area of interest as they’re evolving, helping your employees be “in-the-know” and become thought leaders, not followers.

The benefits of engaging employees with trending content extend beyond thought leadership. Employees that leverage trending content insights from TrendSpottr are more informed and productive. They are more tuned in to market and competitive trends and developments and are more effective at social selling and developing new relationships.

[bctt tweet=”Great content fails without the right distribution & amplification strategies”]

Great content is one thing, but the ability to get it out into the world and be noticed requires distribution and amplification. People are not trusting of branded content, and trust peer-to-peer communication most. Once your core content is created and identified, Employee Advocacy platforms will break open the content distribution bottleneck. A good mix of original, high quality, sharable content incorporated with industry trending content creates a powerful overall content marketing strategy. Great content and efficient ways to deliver it will position you as a savvy marketing professional, and your organization as a thought leader.

As Altimeter Group concluded, the key to inspiring and engaging employees is to “ensure that they have access to the right content and make sharing easy. There are no shortcuts, but the payoff is engaged, excited employees who feel “in-the-know” and are ready to share and advocate.”

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