The Path of the Informed Employee

The Path Of The Informed Employee


As 2015 came to a close I was excited to participate in the Digiday Brand Summit. It was great to hear from so many marketing, communications, and social media professionals about how they plan to move their brands forward and improve their bottom line.

I was honored to be invited to speak at Digiday and gave a talk about keeping employees informed with company information… and what happens when employees aren’t kept in the know about key company news. It happened to me a few years ago when I found out that my company had been purchased by Oracle via TechCrunch. You can imagine the gossip over the next 24-hours. I’m certain ambiguity and employee uncertainty wasn’t the intention by our or Oracle’s team, but people are people. Sometimes, data gets lost in the stream, or gets away from you, downstream.

Today’s knowledge workers have great tools for collaboration: Slack, Yammer, Chatter allow people to send and receive all sorts of content, from a direct message to their manager, to a blast that donuts are in the breakroom. While as great as these tools are, communications breakdown in large groups of more than a few hundred employees, but even worse, non-knowledge workers rarely have access to them. The fact is 74% of employees feel that they’re missing out on company information and news. It’s no wonder that less than 1/3 of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs (Gallup). A strategy for building a truly informed employee base, receiving company content in an engaging and sharable way, must include all employees and has many benefits. What if your CEO could easily record a short video and send it instantly via mobile notification to all employees?

During my talk, I suggested that an informed employee, one who engages with and shares high value content on social media, becomes positioned as a content matter expert both to his / her peers, co-workers, and potential customers. They start to build value in their personal digital brand. Subject matter experts become more engaged, happier, and more productive employees. In turn they become more profitable employees. Following this path further, the happy, engaged employee can become an employee advocate, amplifying what they are thinking, sharing, and creating at their company. They become microphones for their brand with every piece of social content they create.

I’d love to hear more about how you communicate with your employees at @schnaars on Twitter.

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Scott Schnaars

Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Dynamic Signal