The Evolution of Employee Advocacy: A Conversation with Russ Fradin & Bryan KramerThe Evolution of Employee Advocacy: A Conversation with Russ Fradin & Bryan Kramer

The Evolution of Employee Advocacy: A Conversation with Russ Fradin & Bryan Kramer


I am excited to present this conversation between our CEO Russ Fradin and thought leader and author Bryan Kramer. Both have been heavily involved on the forefront of digital marketing for years, and more specifically on the topic of advocacy. Bryan’s newest book, Shareology, explores the human economy, and how both consumers and brands are evolving to become better connected. He examines personal branding, the different types of sharers, and the many tools available today that can impact our habits.

In this candid conversation the pair discuss how Employee Advocacy is evolving, what that means for today’s communications professionals, and the impact it’s having on the intranets so many companies are still tied to.

We’ve extracted a few highlights in the brief clips below, and the entire conversation is also available near the end of this blog.

In this first clip Russ and Bryan talk about Dynamic Signal’s dive into Employee Advocacy, how it’s now being embraced, and the fact that it really is changing the way companies are communicating.

In this second clip Russ explains how and why Dynamic Signal shifted focus from the influencer marketing business to Employee Advocacy. He points out the differences between the two, and how there is a much greater need for technology when larger numbers of employees are involved.

The intranet feels like a dying breed of technology, but it still does exist. In the clip Bryan talks about how much communication has changed in recent years, and how that is impacting today’s landscape of technology providers.

Given the shift in our communication habits as consumers, and especially as employees, it’s not surprising that it’s not just CMO’s and Marketing professionals taking notice of Employee Advocacy anymore. Russ talks about that evolution in this clip, and how the influx of millennials in the workforce is impacting the channels and devices that now define our daily workflows.

I encourage you to check out the discussion in its entirety below, as the snippets above are just a taste. I’d also highly recommend Bryan’s book Shareology if you’re looking to learn more about the Human Economy and what factors are converging right now to cause it.

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