Todays Content is No Field of Dreams

Today’s Content is no “Field of Dreams”


I’m a firm believer that one of the best films ever made was Field of Dreams. No movie ever captured the essence of America quite as well, grit and determination, and just a little bit of the fantastic, played on a small stage. The writing was simply fantastic, with some of the most memorable quotes of all time, like:

Today’s Content is no “Field of Dreams”

OK, that’s not it, but you know the quote I’m thinking of… When the disembodied voice convinces Ray Kinsella to build a baseball field in his corn, even though they’re in financial distress. It convinces him to do something absolutely crazy with the meager resources he has. But it’s a movie, and everything works out in the end, because of that little touch of magic.

It’s no surprise that some companies treat their content marketing the same way. Unlike in the movies, you can’t just will things to work out. You can’t just expect an audience to show up because you made content for them. Content isn’t a strategy in and of itself.

Content creation is a $118 billion dollar industry, and every dollar of that money is wasted if your content isn’t seen by anyone. Maybe billion dollar companies can get away with that kind of waste, but most of the smaller market cap companies I work with simply can’t afford to squander their marketing budget on content that sits idle on a web server.

Mid-sized companies need cost-effective solutions for their content marketing needs, and you can get the highest ROI possible through Employee Advocacy (EA). An EA platform is a proven way to get your actionable, engaging content into the hands of your most enthusiastic employees in a way that’s easy for them to share with their followers on social media.

In the movie, Ray needed to gather some key people together to make the magic happen, Terrence Mann and Archibald “Moonlight” Graham. Once he had them together, everything fell into place. Just like Ray, you can jumpstart the reach of your content by leveraging the people who are already invested in your company’s mission. When you encourage your employees to share your content, you plant the seeds you need to get your audience to pay attention to the content you spent so much time and money creating.

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Better yet, that message comes across as more authentic and trustworthy than when it comes from “official” sources, leading to greater consumption. Network effects compound the viewership earned by your employees, giving you even greater reach from your Content Marketing.

So stop listening to the voice in your head telling you, “If you build it, they will come.” Your audience won’t just show up, because your content won’t have a Hollywood Ending. You need to get that content in front of that audience in as many ways as possible if you’re going to see any ROI on your content investment. Leveraging the social channels of your employees absolutely needs to be part of your distribution strategy from the get-go.

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