What Is Your Velocity Of Content

What Is Your Velocity Of Content?


How quickly does the content you produce get into the hands of the people it’s meant for, in a way that they love and can tell their friends about? Usain Bolt fast? T3 Internet speed fast? Or maybe your local DMV fast? I think it is a topic to take another look at.

We are creating and consuming content at exponential rates (see our diagram below.) Jeff Charney, CMO, Progressive was just quoted as saying, “The biggest issue in marketing today is the world’s reckless use of content… Everybody is flooding the web with their own content.” Some estimates put our 2015 spend on content creation at USD $118 billion. Netflix made a splash late last year announcing they would spend $5 billion in content creation in 2016… the numbers are staggering. We can also consume that content in increasingly different ways. From podcasts to VR to smart watches to wearables, not to mention those “classic” technologies, tablets and smart phones.

Put that in relation to what organizations spend on content distribution each year. One study discovered 70% of organizations will spend, on average $1000 USD a month on content distribution. That is quite a difference.

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I look at companies like Apple, who make “things” that can arrive in “packages.” When you order product from them, they go through many steps to make sure that “package” gets to you exactly as you expect. They verify where you want to receive it, get it to you as quickly as possible, and design the package so it is easy to open and actually make it fun to engage with. In short, Apple’s velocity of product gets you what you want, where you want it, as quickly as possible.

Why can’t we look at velocity of content the same way Apple looks at velocity of product?

One way to speed up your velocity of content is to hack your content distribution bottleneck. Feel the need for speed? Social technologies like Employee Advocacy are just one example of how you can speed up your velocity of content.

What are some other ways you have found to hack the content distribution bottleneck? Where is your content stuck? I would love to hear more at @NickInSFO.

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