Marcy Massura Joins Dynamic Signal as Strategic Advisor

Marcy Massura Joins Dynamic Signal as Strategic Advisor


It’s kinda a Big Dill. And other pickle news.

Many many moons ago (read: I am old for this industry) I was a new mom and a new blogger, working with numerous brands to help review and promote their products. Quickly it went from “OH MY GOD THEY SENT ME FREE PICKLES and ALL I HAVE TO DO IS WRITE A POST!” (note: this was an actual brand program I did. And that was my actual response. In fairness, I love pickles.) to quickly becoming “Free pickles? Are they kidding? I am gonna need more than that to promote them”. It wasn’t only me- the entire industry of leveraging ‘influencers’ was shifting. ‘Earned’ results were being replaced increasingly by ‘incentive’ results.

Today the industry is broader and more diverse than ever. We utilize influencers, social promoters, fan advocates, KOLs and employees to help promote a brand story, service or product online. Which is why tools and platforms have risen to support these efforts at scale to maximize efficiency and assure a return on the invests made.

After joining the agency side officially (some call it the dark side, but I adore it) I walked into a client’s boardroom and met one of the co-founders of Dynamic Signal. Immediately I knew that like peanut butter and chocolate, this dynamic team, their technology and my passion for influencer marketing would make a great combination. And it has. I have worked with Dynamic Signal as an agency partner for over 5 years and have watched them evolve their offering into one of the smartest, intuitive technologies in the marketing space today.

Which is why I am thrilled to say I have finally, and officially, accepted a role on the Dynamic Signal Advisory Board. I have always enjoyed supporting and advising my best agency partners — so this is an organic fit for me. Mind you, I am not leaving agency life — this is just a side interest. Like a pickle next to the grilled cheese.

So if you have needs in Employee Advocacy or Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) and are looking for technology to help scale your programs, feel free to reach out. I will be happy to chat further and put you in touch with all the right (and nice) people at Dynamic Signal.

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Marcy Massura

Marcy Massura is a leader in both emerging media and mainstream marketing- helping companies navigate the shifting landscape to develop smart, effective integrated engagement solutions. As a Client Engagement Lead; she has driven success for amazing Fortune 500 brands across North America. A valued voice in forward thinking strategy, she has published articles found in The Holmes Report and PRNews and is frequently quoted in Mashable, Forbes, INC Magazine and other thought leading publications. You may have seen her as a featured speaker at SXSW, WOMMA, AdTech many others. More about Marcy at or chat with her @marcymassura on Twitter.