How Facebooks Mobile Strategy Can Improve Your Internal Comms

How Facebook’s Mobile Strategy Can Improve Your Internal Comms


Internal communications is a mission critical function in most organizations. Ironically, it is also the function that gets short changed when it comes to innovation, new technologies, and support.

Most large companies’ internal communications strategy centers around their intranet. Usually, these intranets are clunky beasts with as much embedded functionality as possible. For all the resources expended on getting intranets up and running, they for the most part go unused. One of the main reasons for this lack of adoption and engagement? Employees are working from their phones more than ever, and clunky beast intranets with tons of functionality are not fit for mobile.

Facebook, who arguably is better at mobile strategy than anyone else in the world (just look at their last earnings announcement) understands this well. This is part of why they have decided to keep Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook as separate apps. Remember, not a year ago, people and the press were somewhat baffled when Facebook announced it was splitting off Messenger. Why did Facebook do this? Because Facebook understands that the best experience for the consumer is to have simple, functional, and single purpose apps (tied together nicely of course). They understand that the “everything app” is not a match for mobile, and will cause, among other things, engagement to drop.

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This same principal can be applied to your internal communication strategies. Remember, your employees are also content consumers in the real world, and they have come to expect an engaging, simple digital experience both inside and outside the workplace. This is why forward-thinking companies are “uncoupling their intranet”. They are breaking apart its major parts, deploying best in class single purpose apps, ensuring each component has a mobile-first approach.

Getting intranet and internal comms right is mission critical for companies and their ever evolving workforces. Companies that want an effective and efficient internal comms strategy might look outside their traditional industry vertical for inspiration and benchmarks. Facebook is one great example.

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