Hacking The Content Distribution Roundup CMI Webinar Roundup

Hacking The Content Distribution Model: CMI Webinar Roundup


Yesterday, I sat in on the CMI webinar, Hacking The Content Distribution Model, hosted by CMI’s Robert Rose. The slides are available here.

It was an hour well spent to be sure! The webinar had a “deep bench” for the panel, including Alexa Schirtzinger, Director of Content Marketing for Salesforce, Alexandra Shockey, Social Media Advisor for FedEx and Michael Brito, Head of Social Media Marketing for W2O Group.

The premise of the webinar was pretty simple: how do you cut through the noise and get your content into the hands of the people who want it most in an efficient and engaging way? The billions spent on content creation dwarfs the thousands marketers spend monthly to ensure distribution. So how can you increase the “velocity” of your content? How do you “hack” content distribution?

Content Distribution Stats

Alex Shockey said content partnerships with third parties who amplify content are a content hack, citing the FedEx Cares program as an example. She also said getting people “smart” on social media with training and toolkits is also helping to distribute content quickly. Michael Brito talked about Employee Advocacy as an especially effective content hack, turning your employees into brand advocates using their social channels. He also shared an excellent visual on how to launch an Employee Advocacy program.

Alexa Schirtzinger from Salesforce shared how Salesforce sees content, and how alternate content platforms help hack content distribution. I thought it was great that she offered a checklist on how to choose an alternative platform and three takeaways around amplifying your content.

All in all, the webinar was one of the best I have heard in some time. There were many people following the webinar and Tweeting to #CMWorld and #DySiWebinar. If you missed the webinar, the replay can be found here.

What are some of your content distribution hacks? I would love to hear about them @NickInSFO.


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