Announcing a New Suite Of Internal Communication Tools From Dynamic Signal

Announcing a New Suite Of Internal Communications Tools From Dynamic Signal


When Dynamic Signal came into being, we had a vision to change the way companies marketed themselves by turning employees into social ambassadors. We knew that employees wanted to show pride in where they worked and that they had their own audiences they were already engaged with. But they didn’t know what was ok to share or the way to say it.

We saw an opportunity to help companies empower their employees as storytellers and thought leaders and to turn them into a new marketing and distribution channel. We created the “Employee Advocacy” category and what it has achieved surpassed even our expectations. Over the past five years Dynamic Signal has signed up over 250 Fortune 1000 customers, all five major PR firms, 80% of the largest social enterprises, and countless mid-market companies. We are now live with over 1 million advocates in over 90 countries. Over time, competitors have emerged, validating Employee Advocacy as a real category.

Through our years of experience running these programs, Dynamic Signal knows Employee Advocacy cannot happen without engaged and informed employees. People share because they are excited, proud, or engaged about the story or company- not because they just love sharing. We realized we had to do more than develop tools to enhance the sharing experience…we had to focus on employee engagement and knowledge.

We took a major step in this direction late last year by redesigning our mobile apps. We knew it needed to be easy to use, on par with our web experience and customized to each individual user. We wanted to build an app that was embedded in the daily routine of every employee. We did, and usage has exploded, along with analytics that proved our hypothesis: if you keep your employees informed and engaged, they are more likely to advocate on your behalf.

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That is why I am very excited to announce our new suite of internal communications tools: News, Comments, Messaging, Moments, and Insights.

Our Company News tool can now incorporate non-shareable news and internal content into the employee feed. This is perfect for sensitive content like competitive news, internal announcements, emergency communications and training material.

With our new Company Moments tool, managers can record a video and distribute it to employees in a matter of minutes. We all know that sometimes text isn’t enough. But until now, producing a video required hiring a crew, time for production, and lots of money. With Company Moments you can shoot video within the app and distribute it immediately.

Further, our new Comments and Messaging tools (in Beta) are necessary for an effective and engaging internal news app. When early adopters of this feature post internal (non-sharable) communication, like the aforementioned Company Moments video, announcing internal news (like a big sales win), the comments and conversation are where the true potential of our platform is realized.

Finally, we have added deeper Insights. These are major improvements to our current analytics tool set. Dynamic Signal has always provided robust data specific to external amplification: shares, reactions, clicks and impressions. We now offer the same level of detail for usage, readership, and communications. You can now see which employees are engaged, what content they are consuming, who read an announcement or watched a video and who didn’t, allowing you to re-engage as needed.

One of the great things about social media is its ability to unite parts of the enterprise that were previously siloed. Early in our company’s journey we observed that Sales, HR and Marketing came together around our platform, to drive both amplification and content distribution. This trend will continue as we bring both internal and external communications professionals together using one platform to inform and engage employees.

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Vice President, Business Development at Dynamic Signal