The Business Case for Employee Advocacy

The Business Case for Employee Advocacy


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The power of turning employees into passionate advocates for a company and its products or services has been a dream of many business leaders for a while now. Conceptually, most people understood it. But practically, companies struggled to implement advocacy programs that could be sustained and demonstrate true business value.

Why does employee advocacy matter? Consider that the employee voice remains more credible than that of a CEO at 52 percent vs. 49 percent, according to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer. People trust “people like themselves” at 63 percent, up 6 points this year. At the same time, social media usage continues to increase, with studies showing 4 of every 5 smartphone users check their devices within 15 minutes of waking and that 53 percent of people would rather give up their sense of smell before their access to social media.

So to summarize: Employees? Highly trusted. Social media use? Continues to rise. Put it together and what do you get? A fantastic opportunity to leverage employees to drive business outcomes. Indeed, 45 percent of companies surveyed in a study by Altimeter said employee advocacy was a key priority for them in 2016.

This is also why Edelman is announcing a strategic partnership today with Dynamic Signal, the global leader in employee advocacy. We looked carefully at all the platforms on the market today, and concluded that Dynamic Signal is the most sophisticated and comprehensive – yet easiest to use. With our partnership, Dynamic Signal brings market-leading technology to enable advocacy and Edelman brings deep expertise in employee and stakeholder engagement. With the two, we believe we have a powerful solution for our clients to unlock and unleash the power of their employees via social media. It can improve communications to highly dispersed and mobile workforces. It can allow employees to share their pride and enthusiasm. It can make it possible for employees to be sales people with a single finger swipe. And it can ultimately align and focus employee behavior as part of an overall engagement program.

We look forward to sharing early learnings from our partnership soon.

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