#EAmonthly: Show Me The Content

#EAmonthly: Show Me The Content


Here we are again, our monthly installment of compelling content we happened across on social media. In case you weren’t aware, this is a running series, where we highlight posts from awesome employee advocates that are doing a great job sharing content with their peers. It’s a never ending flow, and can be difficult to pick just a couple…but we always give it a shot!

Here are this month’s featured posts, curated by yours truly.

SAS highlights the analytical side of our national pastime

This is a great example of how third party publishers can play an important role in your content strategy, and how employees can be an excellent companion to it in order to drive more distribution and reach. In this case, Emily, a field marketer, shares a contributed post from her colleague Jay Laramore on sporttechie.com.


Mary Kay mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel and of course employees love sharing it

It’s not every day your company gets mentioned on the big stage. If and when it does happen, make sure to take advantage! Mary Kay did exactly that when they were called out on the Jimmy Kimmel show by Ty Burrell. When pop culture and humor are involved you can bet it will be a highly shared piece of content. This had both of those going for it, and in the form of a video snippet…a trifecta of social media goodness.

Mary Kay

Vodafone highlights employee’s unique skills on their blog

Who knew “astrophotography” was a thing? Not me…and I bet there were plenty of Vodafone employees in the same boat. Thanks to one of their co-workers they are now up to speed, and able to share a really unique and insightful story with their connections on social. With incredible photography integrated it’s no surprise this piece got a lot of engagement from within their program.


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