12 Stats that Prove Internal Communications Must Evolve

12 Stats that Prove Internal Communications Must Evolve


Are you drowning in company email? Do you dread having to login to your intranet on your desktop to access the latest news? Wishing there was an easier way to stay in the know, while on the go, on your preferred device?

Well, you are not alone.

Internal communications at companies small and large is undergoing an evolution. Traditional methods are broken, and employees are begging for a change. While 87% of employees say they still receive the majority of company information via email, intranet, or in-person meetings, a shocking 74% say they feel they’re missing out on information and news. That’s a big disconnect, but starts to make sense when you also consider the fact that 30% of employees say they simply ignore all emails that come from their employers.

To us, the answer is clear, and it’s likely in your hand, pocket, or purse right now. Over 50% of employees surveyed said a single platform which is more mobile-centric, and consolidates all company info, would make it much easier to receive and share content.

We tend to agreed.

In the Slideshare below we compiled these stats as well as many others…which paint the picture perfectly. Communication isn’t just important, it is CRITICAL to improve productivity, recruitment, sales, and employee retention.

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