Movers and Shapers The Future of Employee Communications

Movers and Shapers: The Future of Employee Communications


We had an amazing time in Austin this past week with our partners, colleagues and friends. We were especially happy to have taken part in Movers and Shapers, one of the many events held by W2O Group this week.

On Saturday, March 12th our Co-Founder and GM Jim Larrison took the stage at Movers and Shapers to talk about the future of employee communications. He began with a story from his past – his first job out of college in Chicago. He spoke about the frustration of experiencing immediate hierarchy and managerial layers, and how information “ping-ponged down the chain” until it got to him, where it had no meaning or context.

SXSW Movers and Shapers The-Future-of Employee Communications

This set up a great conversation about the state of employee communications today and the outlook for tomorrow. Jim detailed that the employees of tomorrow are the same people graduating today, and this demographic has a large variety of options on what to do for employment. They have non-traditional opinions about when they work and how they are motivated and compensated. He also spoke about how employees use many technologies to communicate socially, while being frustrated by their employers’ inability to deliver company information to them in a simple and timely manner.

In summary, Jim’s message is that the future of employee communications rests on an employer’s ability to meet employees where they are and communicate as people do today. The technologies that deliver the right information into the hands of the right employees in an engaging and shareable way will help to define the future of employee communications.

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