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#EAmonthly: Show Me The Content


It’s time for our monthly installment of “Show Me The Content.” This is a running series, where we highlight posts from awesome employee advocates that are doing a great job sharing content on social. It’s a tough choice each month, but this time around we think we picked out a few that really stand out from the crowd.

Here are this month’s featured posts:

Fedex helps out in an unlikely cross country move

FedEx tugged at heart strings with the story of Oliver, a rescued otter pup at Denver’s Downtown Aquarium. FedEx participated in the safe move of Oliver from Tampa, Florida to Denver, Colorado, making for a heartwarming story that employees were excited to share on social media..

Fedex Employee Advocacy

Getty Images discusses the representation of women on social and in the media

Employees and photographers from Getty Images helped drive registrations for a webinar that touched on how social media is influencing the way brands portray women. Combining a webinar with a cause that’s important to employees allowed Getty Images to reach a bigger audience and drive more registrations than the brand could by itself.


O2 satisfies customers and lets employees tell the world about it

Never underestimate the power of a proud employee. O2 recently beat out their competition for customer satisfaction among mobile carriers, giving employees immense bragging rights. With an eye-catching graph that clearly shows O2 topping the list, employees were excited to share this news across social media.


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