The Impact Employee Advocacy Has on Website Traffic

The Impact Employee Advocacy Has on Website Traffic


Our Employee Advocacy program is driving the best website traffic we’ve ever seen.

One of the top use cases for an Employee Advocacy program is to drive more traffic to a website. At Dynamic Signal, our blog is the centerpiece of our Employee Advocacy program since we are constantly populating it with fresh content about the industry and our clients. When we reviewed our overall website traffic from the past three months we found some compelling data – our employees were driving some of the best website visits we’ve ever seen.

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Let’s begin by looking at our overall traffic for Our top two sources of traffic come from a brand awareness stand point. “Direct” traffic includes our email marketing efforts, the typing of our website into the URL, and bookmarks among many other possible scenarios. “Google /Organic” includes website visits from those searching for our company, our product, and our industry. The source “DySiVS” is the name I created for our Employee Advocacy program. (I set this up by using UTMs.)

Employee Advocacy Generates Web Traffic

This data gives us many insights about the impact Employee Advocacy is having on our website traffic:

  • Our Employee Advocacy program is sending more traffic to our website than any of our paid channels.
  • Traffic driven by Employee Advocacy is driving a lot of returning visitors – acting like a nurture campaign on social media.
  • An argument could be made that our employees are generating brand awareness that is impacting our SEO traffic and Direct traffic simultaneously.


As any good digital marketer will tell you, it’s not about the quantity of traffic but rather the quality of the visits that matter. Well, our Employee Advocacy program has that too!

Our employees are driving website visits with the lowest bounce rate, the most pages per session, and the second highest overall time spent on site. This means that the audience our employees have on social media is not only interested in our content but they’re looking for more information about our company and/or Employee Advocacy overall.

Employee Advocacy Generates Web Traffic

  • A bounce rate in the range of 26 – 40% is excellent.* Our Employee Advocacy program generates a 36.42% bounce rate which is better than SEO and direct traffic.
  • Traffic coming in from our program is generating over 3 pages/session. When we looked at the Behavior Flow in Google Analytics we found that their 2nd visit was to our product page followed by our Resources page. These are good signs of interest in our product (rather than our company).


Reaching the Right Audience
The overlap of a brand’s followers and employees’ followers is only 8% (source: Dell). By allowing employees to share content, Dynamic Signal has a better chance of reaching prospects that reside within the 92% that are not following our company social media pages but ARE following our employees.

Nurturing the Online Buyers Journey
The data indicates that our employees are becoming a resource similar to a nurture drip campaign. Of the sessions that were created by our Employee Advocacy program, 53% of them were repeat visitors. That means that our employees are keeping Dynamic Signal top of mind on social media while their audience continues their buyer’s journey.

Employee Advocacy Can Reduce Digital Marketing Spend
The rest of the traffic to our site is mostly paid channels which, in comparison, have some of the highest bounce rates and lowest time spent on site. Based on the quality and quantity of traffic, it’s an easy decision to invest more in our employees than in our paid channels. If you think about it, Employee Advocacy is about driving organic touch points so the results SHOULD beat out paid channels. People are free to unfollow at any time, something that is hard to do with paid advertising. The interesting fact is they’re not. Our employees are growing their audience month over month. This is data I can see from inside our platform. All the more reason to put more of our efforts into our program.

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This data has had one other big impact on our Employee Advocacy program: it’s gotten our team excited to share even more. By seeing what a big impact they’ve made on our inbound marketing efforts, they understand just how influential they can be to our overall success.

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