Industry Analysts Speak Out on Employee Advocacy

Industry Analysts Speak Out on Employee Advocacy


When Dynamic Signal created the Employee Advocacy category just over 5 years ago, little did we know we would be leading the category in product, customers and thought leadership. And the only thing tougher than creating a category is educating certain audiences about what your category is, how it impacts the marketplace and what it will become down the road.

So, you can imagine how pleased we were to see a flood of industry analyst coverage about Employee Advocacy in the market during this past quarter. Respected, global industry analyst firms like Gartner, Frost & Sullivan, Altimeter and more helped further define the space and tell the story of Employee Advocacy. I thought I would take a couple of moments to share some highlights.


The team at Altimeter just last week held a webinar detailing their latest Employee Advocacy research, Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping Into the Power of an Engaged Workforce and they uncovered a lot of the current thinking about Employee Advocacy.

Their findings included:

  • 90% of brands surveyed are already pursuing or have plans to pursue some form of Employee Advocacy.
  • Consumer response to employee posts often out perform traditional digital advertising results.
  • Employee Advocacy drives employee engagement.
  • Employee Advocacy supports employment branding.

Also I loved this graphic they created, which details why employees share about their employer on social media accounts.



Also, Jay Wilson and his team at Gartner just released Create An Employee Advocacy Program That Works, which includes a case study of our customer SAP. The report discusses at length how Employee Advocacy programs are increasing in popularity among social media marketers seeking new ways to distribute content organically. The report also discusses how if done well, they can amplify social marketing and sales efforts while improving employee engagement.

Frost & Sullivan

Finally, the folks at Frost & Sullivan not only report on Employee Advocacy, but use it as well. It’s been quite a journey for the them. Until recently, none of the 1,200 employees were allowed to tweet, like, or share a single thing while they were at work.

But times have changed, and in just one short year Frost & Sullivan has completely transformed their company culture. They’ve embraced social media, and are doing so with their loyal employees at the forefront. In fact, Mireya Espinoza, Frost & Sullivan’s Global Corporate Communications Director, said:

“The Innovation Nation program has made a dramatic impact on our employees, business units, and our culture as a whole. It’s changed the way we view social as a company.”

Check out the video below where Frost & Sullivan CEO David Frigstad discusses their approach to Employee Advocacy alongside Dynamic Signal CEO Russ Fradin.

A great advisor of mine once told me, “When you are out in front as a leader, it’s tough to tell if you are going the right way, because everyone following you is behind you.” At Dynamic Signal, we believe the Employee Advocacy game is just getting started, with the players now taking the field. Won’t you come with us and be part of our team?

What are your thoughts on the state of Employee Advocacy? I’d love to hear them @NickInSFO.

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