#EAmonthly: Show Me The Content April 2016

#EAmonthly: Show Me The Content


Every month we hand pick some great social posts for this series entitled “Show Me The Content.” It’s never an easy choice, but this month a few rose to the top. Check ’em out below.


Celebrating a company win is something every employee loves to tout. Recently, UniCredit was listed as a finalist for the Corporate Social Media Awards 2016 which gave the employees an opportunity to share how proud they are to work there.

Unicredit Employee Advocacy

Pacific Union

Empowering employees to be thought leaders is a great way to find success through an Employee Advocacy program. Real estate giant Pacific Union provides content to their agents so they can grow their personal brand online and remain top of mind for their current and future real estate customers. This particular post on LinkedIn is a great example of providing industry related content to employees as opposed to only company focused blogs.

Pacific Union Employee Advocacy


Many times, the key component to a successful Employee Advocacy program is having the right content. GE used storytelling to explain how their flight management software directed an Alaska Airlines flight into the shadow of an eclipse “at 10,000 miles per hour thousands of miles away.” Employees loves stories, especially ones about their own company. The fact that the employee is sharing an interesting story benefits their personal brand (i.e. they’re not selling) and benefits the company with more website traffic.

GE Employee Advocacy

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