Dynamic Signal CEO Russ Fradin Talks About VCs, Company Culture And Why Stealth Is Stupid In Venrock Inaugural Podcast Running Through Walls

Dynamic Signal CEO Russ Fradin Talks VC’s, Being Nice And Why Stealth Is Stupid


Yesterday, Venrock kicked off their new podcast series, Running Through Walls. This inaugural effort had Venrock’s Brian Ascher interviewing Dynamic Signal CEO and co-founder Russ Fradin about lots of different topics and trends.

It’s a great listen. Russ talks about his long history as an entrepreneur and the different companies he has been involved with. Brian did a great job talking to Russ about his views on VC’s and fundraising, why “going stealth” hasn’t served him or his companies well and why every company is always in the middle of a “pivot.”

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Russ also talks about the importance of being available to employees, customers and competitors alike, and Brian describes him as “the only CEO I know who answers every email he receives.” As someone who works for Russ, I also found it very interesting when he talked about our company culture and the things he does to “stay sane.”

Other topics include:

  • Takeaways from raising 25 venture rounds (3:11)
  • Why it’s not that challenging to be accessible (7:28)
  • How to build a good relationship with VCs (12:48)
  • Why it’s stupid to be stealth in the enterprise world (13:39)
  • The three things that matter the most about culture (16:43)

Give the podcast a listen and read the TechCrunch article talking about the podcast here. Let me know what you thought about the podcast @NickInSFO.

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