How Air Canada Transformed Their Brand Through Employee Advocacy

How Air Canada Transformed Their Brand Through Employee Advocacy


We recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Air Canada. Our very own Dave Hawley was joined by Michelle Young, Manager of Global Sales Communication & Partnerships. It was great to hear Michelle tell the Air Canada story, and learn about how they are utilizing Dynamic Signal to transform the way they currently communicate with their employees.

In addition to improving communications the company had a number of problems they hoped to address with their employee advocacy program. They needed to improve the company narrative being told by their sales department, create a more personable message from the voice of their employees, and increase visibility with audiences across digital and social media.

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With a diverse demographic of employees that are spread across the globe these were legitimate business challenges for Air Canada. Michelle explained their approach and the goals they established on day one that would help them solve these difficult problems.

Goals for the Air Canada Employee Advocacy Program:

  • Convince customers to make Air Canada their carrier of choice on a more regular basis
  • Helps customers make smarter and more informed travel decisions
  • Increase the Air Canada footprint in new markets to develop a more global presence for the brand
  • Increase traffic to Air Canada website and owned channels

It was also interesting to hear how much importance Michelle placed on training when the program initially launched. Air Canada employees have different comfort levels with social media, so they assisted them by providing “social media basics” classes to ensure they understood the ins and outs of social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter,

It has really paid off, as they now have 50% of their entire sales team onboarded to the program and are driving real results for the company:

  • 22K Reactions
  • 17M Impressions
  • 28K Clicks

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I encourage you to watch the full webinar to hear first hand how Air Canada has really transformed their brand through employee advocacy. We’ve also included the slide deck below.

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