Announcing Three New Integrations With Facebook Messenger, Slack, And Microsoft Yammer

Announcing Three New Integrations To Help Companies Reach Employees On Facebook Messenger Slack And Microsoft Yammer

Today we are excited to announce three new Dynamic Signal integrations: Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Microsoft Yammer. These new integrations allow companies to safely share content, news and announcements to more of their employees, without the use of an app. By connecting with the communication tools employees already use and trust, sharing and engaging with company content becomes an effortless part of employees’ daily routines.

With over 1 billion worldwide users, Facebook Messenger is the second most downloaded mobile app in the world. Employers can use Dynamic Signal with Facebook Messenger, an app they already use and trust, whenever they want and in any location. For companies who need to communicate with thousands or millions of employees who do not have a corporate email address, this feature is incredibly valuable.


Collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Yammer have emerged as important workplace communication tools. Microsoft Yammer has 8 million users while Slack just reported having 3 million daily users with the average user spending 10 hours/weekday connected to the platform. Our Slack and Microsoft Yammer integrations allow for the delivery and sharing of content on these popular and trusted platforms that are becoming more essential to daily workplace productivity.


All of these integrations are available today. Contact us at here or get in touch with your Dynamic Signal Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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Kate Gulbransen

Kate Gulbransen is the Director of Product Marketing at Dynamic Signal where she is responsible for developing the product roadmap, driving product adoption, and educating clients on new features. Prior to her current role, Kate led Dynamic Signal’s Customer Success Team where she helped enterprise clients with program strategy and creating platform marketing objectives. Kate has 15 years’ experience leading client relationships in multiple industries including heath care, financial services and consumer products. Kate an aspiring 7 continent marathoner and likes to eat pie for breakfast.