Video Killed the Intranet Star

Video Killed the Intranet Star


Ever since we launched Company Moments, our video communications feature, I’ve been using it to announce new customers and new hires. The great news is that this has made me one of the top users of video in the company.

Since then, my peers in marketing and product have gotten on board too.

Marketing sends out a video once a month explaining what campaigns we are running, what events we are taking part in, results, key wins, and introduces new hires.

Our product team announces new product features (like the recent update to our Android app) and explains why these new features are important to the company.

We are still a small company, but video brings us together.

I was really impressed recently when two very prominent CEO’s talked about their love of video too. I like to think that I’m in good company when Ryan Holmes (Hootsuite) and Jeff Immelt (GE) like video as much as I do. It is an amazing way to get a message that resonates to your entire company.

Dynamic Signal makes it ridiculously easy to make a video, on your phone, and send it all of your employees (or even select departments or groups of users (i.e. just for the retail staff in Paris)) in a matter of seconds.

Of course, you get all the great analytics that Dynamic Signal already offers as part of the platform.

Sharing video in 3-simple steps:

1.) Select “Take Video and Submit

Take and Submit Video
2.) Record your video. Broadcast (if permissions are set) on submission or send for moderation. Submit.

Record Video with Dynamic Signal
3.) Actually, that’s it.

Video Will Be Reviewed
Video has been sent to all employees.

I’d love to hear how you’d use video at your company. Be it to communicate common departmental goals or overall corporate communications. Hit me up on LinkedIn or Twitter and let me know what you’d do!

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Scott Schnaars

Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Dynamic Signal