Context Is Key: The ‘Why’ Behind Employee Advocacy

Context Is Key: The ‘Why’ Behind Employee Advocacy


Employee advocacy is spreading through the business world like wildfire.

According to Altimeter research, approximately 90 percent of today’s companies say they’re embracing this marketing strategy — nearly double the proportion that did back in 2015.

Clearly, a vast majority of business leaders see the value of employee advocacy — which makes us at Dynamic Signal very happy. However, a key aspect that many leaders tend to overlook is that their employees also must deeply understand the value it brings to the company.

In other words, you need to ensure that your employees understand why the company is embracing employee advocacy in the first place and what your ultimate goals are. And further, you need to clearly convey the purpose behind each and every piece of content you ask them to share.

This is a necessary step that can make or break an employee advocacy program.

Employee Advocacy Training Guide
When companies dive headfirst into employee advocacy without providing proper context and guidance to employees, they put themselves at risk of broadcasting mixed messages — or the wrong ones altogether.

[bctt tweet=”When companies dive into #employeeadvocacy without providing guidance to employees, they put themselves at risk”]

Employees are left playing a guessing game, wondering if they’re supposed to agree, disagree, or provide any thoughts at all about the link they were asked to share on social media.

This is not a recipe for great results. While it’s possible that your employees will share the proper sentiments, it’s more likely that they’ll feel overwhelmed by this lack of guidance and choose to share nothing at all.

It’s up to you — as a leader — to provide your employees with the much-needed “why” behind your employee advocacy program and guide their contributions through a list of best practices and rules.

To learn how to get started, click here to read our e-book: A Quick Start Guide to Employee Advocacy Training.

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