How Deloitte Activated Thousands Of Employees As Ambassadors

How Deloitte Activated Thousands Of Employees As Ambassadors


A couple weeks ago we co-presented a webinar with Turner Roach, Social Media Marketing Manager at Deloitte Services LLP. Our VP Marketing Dave Hawley and he discussed the transformation the company’s employee advocacy program has been through in recent years, from a home grown “copy-and-paste this tweet from an email” process to a formalized program with thousands of active employees.

Turner explained the many challenges the company overcame in order to launch and scale the program, as well as the goals they set out to accomplish.

Challenges Deloitte Services LLP Needed To Overcome:

  • Previous program was difficult to manage and lacked continuity and consistency for employees
  • Lacked an ability to properly measure and track content that was distributed by their employees
  • It was difficult for Deloitte employees to: receive relevant company content, and easily share it with their networks

Turner described how the company tackled these challenges by implementing a system that would organize their teams, streamline content distribution, and measure the impact of their employees and the program as a whole.

As for defining success, they knew they had to first connect with their employees in a more personal way in order for this type of program to thrive. Once that level of trust and personalization was in place they could then start to fine tune the program to drive traffic, awareness, and reach for the brand.

Goals Of The Deloitte Employee Advocacy Program:

  • Develop more direct and personal relationships with Deloitte employees
  • Deepen the integration with existing communications and marketing campaigns
  • Drive traffic to Deloitte web sites and content
  • Improve capabilities to properly manage and measure the Ambassador Program

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The results Turner and his team have been able to achieve have been extraordinary. They’ve seen the program organically grow year after year, and continually produce an impressive number of clicks, reactions, and impressions which are driving significant impact when it comes to web traffic to their content.

  • 6,300+ Employees
  • 178K Reactions
  • 262M Impressions
  • 507K Clicks

The full webinar on-demand can be seen here and we’ve embedded the slide deck below. I encourage those looking to learn more about employee advocacy to check it out, as Deloitte Services LLP is truly a pioneer in the category.

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