Going Mobile: The Future of Employee Communications

Going Mobile: The Future of Employee Communications


Currently, three-quarters of all U.S. workers feel like their companies aren’t doing a good enough job of employee communications — which is causing a major disengagement epidemic.

This begs the question: How does your company go about keeping its employees in the loop?

Do you send out impersonal, easy-to-ignore mass emails and hope they survive the spam folder? Do you plaster the walls with colorful fliers and pray they grab people’s attention? Do you interrupt everyone’s workday for mandatory “all-hands” meetings that leave your remote workers in the dark?

Or, like every news outlet in the world, do you simply make employees’ phones buzz with alerts and stories that are relevant to their lives?

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For the majority of people, smartphones serve as the go-to source of timely, useful knowledge. Throughout every day, they’re constantly pinging in our pockets and pocketbooks, alerting us every time someone or something we care about is in the news.

A growing number of companies are catching on to the fact that they could (and should) be distributing news and announcements to their workers in a similar mobile-first fashion.

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But that’s not to say employees are eager to receive 400 emoji-filled text messages and alerts every single day from their bosses. Taking a mobile-first approach to employee communication requires tact and strategy.

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