New Guide Helps Companies Choose the Right Employee Advocacy Platform

New Guide Helps Companies Choose the Right Employee Advocacy Platform


This is the time of year when things typically slow down in the business world. We’re assessing our strategic plans to see if we’re reaching our goals. We’re planning our holiday parties.

But some things just won’t slow up – such as the growth of the Employee Advocacy category.

In April a slew of leading analysts came out with glowing reports about the maturity of Employee Advocacy. Then in August we saw even more about the continuous adoption of employee focused programs.

As we head into the final stretch of 2016, we have yet more evidence that Employee Advocacy has leaped from being a trend to being a fundamental aspect of communications, marketing and branding.

Frost & Sullivan just released the Employee Advocacy Platform Buyer’s Guide. They’ve covered Employee Advocacy virtually from the birth of the category, and understand the topic with unmatched depth and breadth. Which is why this buyer’s guide is the definitive source for companies researching the functionality they need from an Employee Advocacy platform and, in turn, what they need to create a successful program.

Download The Employee Advocacy Platform Buyer’s Guide

Says David Frigstad, Frost & Sullivan’s CEO:

“We have not only seen Employee Advocacy programs succeed in the market, we also depend on our own internally to keep Frost & Sullivan employees informed and productive. Through our experience we’ve learned what it takes from a technology perspective for a program to excel. We’re excited to share our learnings in our buyer’s guide.”

For those less familiar with the category, there’s plenty of fundamental explanation, along with a detailed list of high-level business benefits. And for those already educated about Employee Advocacy and ready to buy, there are in-depth sections on the strategic and financial advantages that companies should seek when choosing the best platform.

The report features a meticulous analysis of must-have features and functionality. Some of the essential functionality Frost & Sullivan says to look for in a platform include:

  • Full Communications Suite: Look for a platform that provides customizable templates, automated “drip” emails, member messaging and more.
  • Localization and Language Targeting: You should be able to add content and feeds in any language, with buttons and navigation available in various languages.
  • Third-party Integrations: Choose a platform that integrates with enterprise tools such as Salesforce Jive, Eloqua, Marketo, and Google Analytics to measure success. In addition, the platform should work seamlessly with the apps employees use all day – Slack, Yammer, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Native Video: Choose an Employee Advocacy platform that allows you to take advantage of video as a way to connect with employees, especially on mobile.

This new Frost & Sullivan guide covers every aspect of the Employee Advocacy vendor decision. It helps those ready to write a check as well as those who need to educate other internal stakeholders. For Frost & Sullivan’s David Frigstad, the timing of publishing the guide couldn’t be better.

“As more point solutions and tech companies enter the Employee Advocacy category, it is getting harder to distinguish which is best. We wanted to create a buyer’s guide that describes the features that are essential for larger enterprises to scale their programs with ease.”

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