3 Best Practices For Employee Advocacy Success from Vodafone

We recently had the great pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with the External Communications team at Vodafone, a multinational telecommunications company based in the UK. Our Director of Marketing, G.I. Sanders, was joined by Kimberley Harcombe and Emma Cook from Vodafone to discuss how they were able to expand their program to almost 2,000 employees, who have shared over 50,000 pieces of content, driving over 30,000,000 impressions for the company.

The External Communications team at Vodafone wanted to give their employees an easy way to access and share company news and content. After conducting an internal survey, they discovered that employees wanted to be able to share company news on social media, but didn’t know what content was safe — i.e. meant for the public — and what content wasn’t. What they needed was a single destination, such as an employee advocacy platform, that would give employees a wide variety of company news and industry content that they could share.

Here’s a few best practices from Vodafone on how to launch an employee advocacy program:

1. Collaborate on a strategy
The team at Vodafone advises companies getting started to first identify who will lead and manage the program. Then, designate responsibilities across the team, such as who will lead training employees on social sharing and who will manage the content. In this way, the program benefits from diverse ideas and strategies and is set up to successfully represent the whole company.

2. Empower employees to advocate

Employee advocacy is a company-wide endeavor. The most successful programs, like Vodafone’s, incentivize employees by promoting the program internally and giving employees recognition for participation. Vodafone does this by recognizing high achievers in the program on an employee advocacy leaderboard and recruiting ambassadors in each business area to involve more teams and departments.

3. Collect feedback from employees
Employee feedback is a powerful way for companies to continuously grow and improve their employee advocacy program. To do this, Vodafone created focus groups to get regular employee feedback. They also consistently surveyed their employees to stay up-to-date on their experience. Doing this made employees feel like they were a part of an advocate community and that their voice mattered.

To learn more about how Vodafone launched their employee advocacy program, view to the full webinar here and preview the slides below.


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