How to Improve Your Company’s Communication With Employees

In today’s modern workforce, internal communication can make or break a company’s success. With company announcements and emergencies having crucial time constraints, effectively sending that message to every stakeholder involved in your business can be a challenge.

This challenge could stem from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimation that over 75 million Americans are hourly-wage workers, performing deskless work or from the fact that professionals are sending and receiving 122 business emails per day on average.

Internal communications is crucial in any company and a recent report by Dynamic Signal, titled, “The State of Workplace Communications is Disconnected” revealed companies struggle to reach employees in today’s disconnected, widely distributed workforce.

Their study of over 300 global communications professionals in companies ranging from 100 to more than 10,000 employees found that 73% of communication professionals reported that communicating company news to employees is a serious challenge.

Though these communication professionals often use email, social media, memos, breakroom posters, and all-hands meetings to reach employees, they often aren’t aware as to what’s working and what’s not.

Companies need a better way to reach these workers who do not have a corporate email address and employees need a convenient way to receive important information. Emails do not solve this communication gap and social media if often frowned upon in the workplace.

If you’re looking to improve your company’s internal communication, try the following three methods:

Utilize the Right Tools

In today’s world of technology, a key any successful work environment involves the utilization of the right software. To this extent, if you’re looking to effectively communicate with your team across the board, trying a product like Digital Signal’s enables you to broadcast news to the right people in your company, message employees in real time through notifications, and empower employees to share important company news.

The key to any tool is understanding how it is working. If you don’t have the ability to analyze its performance, then how can you know if it’s performing well for your team? When analyzing any tool, it’s crucial to know your main key performance indicators. For communication tools, knowing audience engagement and viewership are two key metrics.

Schedule Company Announcements

If you have companywide updates, don’t send them out randomly unless they are urgent. Instead, if you schedule set announcements on a weekly or monthly basis, people will be expecting them. For example, if you want to send companywide progress reports every week, set a time for them to go out instead of sending them at random times.

Scheduling these announcements will set an expectation with your employees to read them. If you’re utilizing email to send these announcements, try tools like Mailchimp or Sendgrid so you can easily design and send the email to your company list.

Set Expectations

Social media platforms stem from the expected type of communication: Linkedin is more professional, Facebook is for friend, and Instagram is to view photos. When your company is figuring out how it wants to communicate with its employees, you should also set expectations. You wouldn’t expect to get a work emergency message over Facebook, would you?

Setting up expectations for each form of communication will enable your company to interact more effectively while increasing productivity. This standardized form of communication should be developed over time and you need to find which platforms work best for your team.

Internal communication needs to be effective for your company to grow and the report from Dynamic Signal found that over 59% of communication professionals don’t understand the fiscal impact of poor internal communications. To improve communication, you need to set expectations, utilize the right tools, and schedule companywide announcements. Now that you know how to improve your company’s internal communication, it’s time to implement these tips into your company!

This article was originally published in the Huffington Post.

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