Rapid Fire Friday with our Multi-Talented CFO, Bong Suh

If you’re unfamiliar with the soon-to-be-phenomenon that is Rapid Fire Friday, allow me to introduce you.

Rapid Fire Friday is Dynamic Signal’s weekly video series where one #DySiTeam member gets put in the hot seat, with only 15 seconds to answer 5 questions about themselves.

We kicked it off last week with Tom Carr, whose impressive answer to the number of countries he’s visited was met with some serious jealousy. For our sophomore segment, we scored an interview with what has to be the most well-loved CFO in the entire Valley.

Bong Suh has been the man behind the money at Dynamic Signal for nearly three years- but his role doesn’t stop at budgeting and financial metrics. In addition to driving activities around everything from finance to fundraising, Bong also put his UC Berkeley JD to work as our corporate lawyer, prior to building out our legal team. He was an instrumental part of developing our HR practice and making sure that Dynamic Signal is an awesome place to work for everyone.

This dad of two newly-minted, California drivers (twin girls!) is more of an outdoor surfer dude than your typical Silicon Valley exec. Bong has a heart for sustainable agricultural practices and works with organizations like Sustainable Harvest to bring sustainability to supply chain.

A team player who deeply cares about our people and their development, Bong holds in-house workshops to teach our employees about stocks, and options, and equity… oh my! Last year, he even hosted a Father’s Day hike and pancake breakfast at his Marin home and invited the entire company. We’re super lucky.

I dare you to find a CFO who is the center of more friend-crushes than this guy.

Did you catch that #FridayFeeling yet? Check out what Bong has to say and you will.

(And yes, we know Bong didn’t quite make that 15 second time limit… but I didn’t quite turn last month’s expense report in on time, so we’re giving him a pass.)

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