Rapid Fire Friday with Product Maven Christina Ng

It’s week three of Rapid Fire Friday – And so far, so good.

We’re loving all the support we’ve received for this weekly series where #DySiTeam members expose some interesting insights about themselves in the span of 15 seconds.

Fortunately, we have no shortage of quirky personalities at this company, so we expect the hits to keep on comin’! (Psst… We’re hiring!)

This week we have Christina Ng. Christina is a super special part of our team. And not just because she has kicked serious tail as our Director of Product Management for the last two plus years, but also because she proves that, like jewelry and Ferrero Rocher, good things come in small packages.

Christina is a real Zen Master as she quarterbacks our Product Roadmap in the most cross-functional of cross functional ways- moving seamlessly between engineers and marketing, talking to customers, and managing weekly sprints. Her product release notes are ACTAULLY read because she includes hilarious images and examples. And she does all of this all with a skip in her step and a smile on her face.

But don’t let this super-efficient, always-on, bilingual, product maven fool you: Christina is a critical part of our culture because she is also F-U-N.

Little known fact, Dynamic Signal has these weekly events we call “shin-digs.” They happen on Thursdays… In the office. And there are adult beverages. (Sorry, Bong. I can say that, right?)

Last week, mid-shin dig, Christina came running up to my desk with a big problem: We were out of Makers and she needed my key to the supply room to solve the problem and save the day. And as she is with every feature roll out or product update, Christina was the successful problem solver we know her to be.

Whether it’s karaoke or a product meeting, Christina is there to make it happen, and make people happy along the way.

Check out her mic-dropping performance in this #DySiRFF.

(She actually exits stage right after the last question… we forgot to tell her to stay but c’mon, she’s got bugs to crush and features to build!)

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